Monday, October 1, 2007

Beating the Momdrums Monday - Count your blessings

When I was a little girl and struggled with sleep my mom used to tell me to count my blessings instead of sheep. She would tell me to think of every family member and friend I could and say a short prayer for each one. The purpose of this was not to bore me but to put my mind in a happy, relaxed state as I focused on all the positive points in my life. It worked every time.

A few weeks ago when I was struggling with not going back to work while all my friends were returning after Mat leave, I had Ten Toes Tuesday and Thankful Thursday posts. I found that blogging about my blessings put my mind in that same happy and content state I found when I was a kid. Since that week I haven't struggled at all with not returning to work and am quite content and even ecstatic to be able to stay home. So in honor of it being Thanksgiving next weekend today's Momdrum beater is about being thankful.

We're going to create a "Blessings Box" where you and your family can "count your blessings" this holiday season! It will also make a fun centerpiece of fall decoration.

What you will need:
-Old Kleenex box
- colourful leaves, pine cones, etc. (fall foliage)
-pictures of loved ones/friends
-Fall coloured construction paper
-Fall coloured ribbon, beads, or button
-Small Pad of paper (like sticky note sized)

How kids can help:
-If they are old enough they can help cut and glue

1. Cover the kleenex box with pretty coloured construction paper. Leave a slit or an opening in the top where the kleenex would come out and cut a small flap in the bottom that you can open later.
2. Glue on pictures of loves ones and friends (Idea: Take some cute shots of your kids out in the leaves and use those!)
3. Decorate the box with ribbon, beads, buttons, leaves, or pine cones
4. On the top write "Blessings Box"
5. Set up on table or somewhere in the house with the pad of paper and pen beside

Now throughout the week you and the rest of your family can write down blessings as you think of them and pop them in the box. Over Thanksgiving dinner you can open the flap in the bottom and read out all the blessings that abound in your home!

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Damselfly said...

Counting your blessings is so important. Your idea makes it special and fun!

Jodi said...

I forgot for a minute you were Canadian. I was like, wait a minute, Thanksgiving is not next week.