Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Motherhood is not for wimps

This has been a crazy week with very little blogging time.....very little time for anything except party preparation actually. My mind however, has not stopped humming.

With the prospect of a birthday party on the horizon it’s finally hit me…In a matter of a days I’ll be a mother of a one year old. The reason this is really rough on me probably is not what you’d expect. Yes, I’m somewhat sad about my baby girl growing up. I’ll miss some of the sweetness of a dependent little doll rather than an independent toddler with her own ideas. However, these things are not what has brought me down as I look ahead to this birthday. It’s the fact that I am now OFFICIALLY a stay at home mom. Up until now my friends have all been on mat leave...a few have returned here or there...but in another month I'll be one of the only mother's I know who's soul responsibility is raising her offspring. I never thought this would bother me even a bit. But it does. I wonder what I'll do for interaction outside of a toddler. I wonder how I'll occupy the two of us through a very long winter without other moms and babies to spend the days with. I wonder about my worth. Parenting is a very slow pay off. Is my job really just as valuable even if I spend all the money and make none of it? I don't want to miss a moment of my daughters life. But still...I wonder.

To cheer myself up I have next weeks posts planned out and here's how you, my blogging buddies, can help. I've assigned a topic to each weekday and if you're interested you can blog on the topic as well and use my button to link back here. Hopefully the helpful advice, silly incidents, and sentimental stories will help brighten all our weeks and encourage us all in the journey of motherhood.

Day one: Beating the Momdrums Monday.
Blog about a creative or cool way to beat the momdrums. Share your story of how a very momdrum moment became a memory making day.

Day two: Ten Toes Tuesday
Blog ten things about your terrific tiny tot that make you fall in love all over again. Share her sweet smile or his silly songs. In the sound of music she sings about her favourite things to raise her spirits...we're going to blog about them.

Day Three: Why I'm home Wednesday
Blog about your choice to be a stay at home mom. What are your struggles, suggestions, or most special moments. Why wouldn't you want it any other way?

Day Four: Thankful Thursday
Another twist on the Ten Toes Tuesday. When you're down you're supposed to count your blessings so I'm encouraging you to do it on your blog. Let's see how long we can make these lists!

Day Five: Fabulous Friday
This is a day for dreaming. Describe the perfect date....but here's the's not with your hubby. Tell me about your perfect play day, your favourite dream for the future, or your most magical moment with your child.

Day Six: Silly Saturday
We all need a little laughter to lighten us up. Blog about your child's most silly moment...or share a great shot!

I'm looking forward to hearing your stories and suggestions!

P.S. Today is the last day to enter the "Shower of Sunshine" contest! We will draw tomorrow afternoon or evening. All entries that are in before I open my blog will count so let your friends know they still have a few more hours! We will announce the winner here as soon as we know. Little Lady looks forward to making the draw! Best of luck everybody!


LeRoy, Faith, and Brooklyn said...

Hey Carissa, I think I may have a book you'd like to read. It's called the Profession of Motherhood, or something of that sort. I read it before Brooklyn was born, and should probably read it again. But you can borrow it if you would like. It talks about the stuff that sounds like you are fearing this week. Have fun planning the party, we wish we could be there. But we'll see you next week.

Erika said...

Carissa I think that you are doing such a great job as a stay at home mom! In 15 days I am at home and we can have day-time chats even though we are provinces away from each other.