Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Why umbrella moments and how it came to be called thus...

For some time now I have wanted to share my musings as a mother. To share, discuss, debate is one of the things that keeps us sane as mommies. This blog is my invitation to other moms to join me on this journey.

As I state in my blog description, I have had very few dry moments as a mother. From my water breaking to being the mom of a major spitter upper I find I am usually wet. But it isn't just in the literal sense. I find that motherhood has been the most unexpected journey I have embarked on. Even my daughter who was very planned and prayed for was a surprise in the sense that we thought we wouldn't be able to have biological children. This was a pleasant and exciting shower. Then after having her I found myself struggling with postpartum. This was more like a storm. Eventually the rains relinquished their right to the sky and I found myself in love with this life of motherhood in a way I never imagined. This has been a sweet spring shower. The kind that sort of tickles you because it's so light and fresh. And in between all of this I have also had those unexpected down pours where it's dark for a day or an hour but the sun still shines through. As well as sweet sunny days where your umbrella offers shade and a splash of bright colour, where you laugh at the unexpected and the surprising.

It was one of those days when umbrella moments came to be. It was a long day. The kind we frequently have as mothers where you are in a whirlwind of activity from dawn 'til dark...and then some. At the end of an evening out my husband and I climbed into the car with our mountain of stuff we had accumulated throughout the day. With a baby it seems you must be prepared for every possible event and so even the passenger side where I was sitting was strewn with stuff. I pulled a bright pink umbrella out from under me so I could sit and starred at it for a moment. Suddenly I pointed it at the windshield... "whipsh" I said. And then calmly placed it back by my feet.

My husband starred at me and then slowly began to laugh.

"What in the world was that!?" He asked.

I looked at him, at the umbrella, and then began to giggle as well.

"I'm not sure. I think I must be losing it."

You have to understand this was quite out of character and out of the blue. Several days later though I did a similar random thing in the midst of my exhaustion and my husband, howling with laughter, stated that he was now referring to my strange episodes as "Umbrella Moments". Which got me thinking...and thus became the basis of my blog.

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Erika said...

Yeah, a BLOG!! Beautiful post, makes me look forward to being a mom.