Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ten Toes Tuesday

Here is day two's topic in the battle to beat the stay-at-home momdrums. (Click Here for a list of topics). For more information on how you can join the blog battle click here.

Day two: Ten Toes Tuesday. Blog ten things about your terrific tiny tot that make you fall in love all over again. Share her sweet smile or his silly songs. In the sound of music she sings about her favourite things to raise her spirits...I'm going to blog about them.

Ten Toes Tuesday
1. Her giggle. Like a brook bubbling over a bunch of shiny smooth stones. Sweet and unsuspecting. Appearing out of nowhere and spilling and splashing it's sunshine across the shadows.
2. Big blueberry eyes. My entire life the one thing I liked about myself...even in the midst of dark depression was always my eyes. Big and brown and by far my best feature they often caused people to comment. I suppose I always suspected my daughter would have the same. My husbands eyes are green with glints of brown...I never expected my baby's would be blue. Like ripe round blueberries they sparkle and shine and speak of her uniqueness. Her eyes also often get comments and compliments. They speak to me of the miracle of making a life. She is the same but different. Her own person with parts of her parents woven into a wonderful fabric...more rich and intriguing than I had ever imagined.
3. Rosy pink cheeks the colour of pretty flower petals. Soft and subtle during the day and bright and blooming when she wakes up. Her cheeks are like silk to kiss and look like life and laughter.
4. Kisses from candy lips. I snuggle her against my cheek and nuzzle nose to nose. Her breathe is warm and our bond is unbreakable. These are the moments of motherhood you hold in your heart.
5. Cuddles and snuggles and squishy tight hugs. I know mother's who's baby's barely let them hold them. Mine would rather be rocked and squeezed and hugged then almost anything else. She snuggles me, her daddy, her nanna, her poppa, and her baby doll. "aaa..aaa" she says to the baby. "lova lova" I say to my little munchkin.
6. Wonder as she watches the world around her. At her birthday party she looked at the balls and exclaimed "Oh!" She pointed at the balloons "Baaa!" She shouted. The first time she saw her cake her eyes got huge, her mouth formed a perfect little "o" and she pointed in awe. She motioned "come" at the cake. Each present and brightly coloured box wrapped in ribbon got an "Oh!" as well. If only I could see the world with the same amount of wonder.
7. Her love to sing and move and sway. I sing and she immediately stops to sing and sway to the music. In church she lifts her hands during the praise and worship and bobs along to the beat. At home when she hears a rock song she likes on the stereo she lifts one hand and dances like a rapper. If it's a slow song she lifts both hands and twists slowly side to side. When "Hey there Delilah" plays she sings the "Oooh"'s along with the band.
8. The way she believes the world believes in her. Every time someone claps she smiles like they are clapping for her. She claps too and grins from ear to ear. When we ask her how old she is she holds up one finger then immediately claps for herself. When she walks across a room she claps at her success. Yes, she is slightly high on herself...but hey at least she's got self-esteem!
9. That brilliant little brain. Who knew one year old's could understand so much? She knows to scoot her way to daddy when I tell her he'll make breakfast. She knows to stop when I say no (although sometimes she tests this). She understands when I say "I'll be right back" before I leave a room and doesn't complain or cry. She knows how old she is and how to feed herself with a fork. She knows when she needs to go to the washroom and how to put the lid back on a container. She knows where your eyes, nose and mouth are. She knows so many things and such a short time ago she was so helpless and small.
10. Her silly, playful, personality. She plays peek-a-boo and tries to scoot or run away when we chase her. She tries to "Blub, blub, blub" with her finger on your lips. She'll pretend to share her snack and then snatch it away at the last second. She has a sense of humour like my husband and I love to watch her make us him smile.

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Stephanie said...

So sweet. I saw my little almost-one-year-old daughter in so many of your statements.

I would add...
1. her smell and her cuddles right after bath time. Slicked back hair. Silky, smooth skin. With her arms around my neck.
2. her cheerful squeal when her daddy or I arrive home - pure delight. It's a wonderful sound to come home to.