Monday, September 3, 2007

Beating the Momdrums Monday

Last week I wrote about my struggles with being an official stay at home mom. This week I am inviting you all to join me in shedding some sunshine on the subject. Here's how you can help:

Each day this week will be dedicated to a different "mom" topic. (Click Here for a list of topics). Blog about the topic with the subject as your title then at the end leave a link back here so others can join as well. Once you're done leave me a comment on that days post so I can share with you in your special moments as well. I look forward to sharing stories!

Beating the Momdrums Monday

Imagine your little Picasso covered in bright colours and painting their first masterpiece....made out of pudding! This is something I've always wanted to try and I think Little Lady is finally old enough to have some fun with this messy memory maker.

Simply make your favourite pudding, separate into several bowls, and add a few drops of food colouring to each to create your favourite colours! Choose an area of your home where you won't mind some wet mess (such as the dining room or kitchen). If you want you can put down some newspaper or plastic to make clean up a little quicker. Get into some grubby clothes , lay out some paper and paintbrushes, and undress baby down to their pamper (this makes clean up a little quicker and will be fun for your toddler to try tattooing themselves). Now it's time to make a masterpiece!

Be sure to share some pictures if you try this! I plan on doing this with Little Lady later this week and will post the photos of the fun as soon as we're finished! Best of luck and hope your momdrums will melt away!

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