Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Why I'm Home Wednesday

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Day Three: Why I'm home Wednesday. Blog about your choice to be a stay at home mom. What are your struggles, suggestions, or most special moments. Why wouldn't you want it any other way? Be creative and share your story.

Why I'm Home Wednesday
Yesterday I realized I rarely hold my daughter anymore. At least not for long. Since she stopped nursing during the day and is scooting and stepping out on her own I cuddle her on occasion and rock her for an average of five minutes twice a day. I carry her occasionally from place to place and have a good snuggle before bed...but what happened to the hours of hugging and holding and cuddling my little cutie? They are already gone because she is already growing. THIS is why I'm home.

Only a few short months ago I would get mad at myself for spending hours doing "nothing". Just sitting on the couch and snuggling her while she nursed. She was a slow nurser and sometimes we would spend up to two hours just sitting. When she was especially small I would sometimes just hold her while she slept. Then I would berate myself for accomplishing nothing all day. How could I waste my time just holding the baby? Sometimes I felt guilty for asking my husband to help around the house because I was busy with the baby. Why wasn't I working more? That was only a few months ago and now those days are long gone. She is growing and going off on her own. It's still seems impossible to accomplish anything but I'm certainly not sitting. Where did my baby go?

There are other reasons but to keep it simple and to the point....I am home because time is precious. It seems so long now but in only a few short years she will be off to school, then college, and a life of her own. If I am away when she is here how will I ever have enough time to hold her? Even if it's only in my heart while we play pretend. I can sacrifice the new clothes, the nice car, and the occasional extras if it means more time to make these memories. Because above all else...I am a mom.

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AmandaD said...

You are so tragically right. Time marches forward, whether we make the right choices or not. You're doing beautifully. And I love your new look. Love it!