Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"Where you born in a barn would you like some hay?"

I was so disappointed to see that the link I gave you last weekend was shut down. This video is seriously one of the best momdrum beaters I've seen as well as a great pic me up. SO I did some research and found a new link that DOES work...Click here for a good laugh at your chosen career. The comedian's name is Anita Renfroe and she's hilarious. It was actually my mother, ironically enough, who helped me discover this woman's identity. Turns out my mom actually owns a DVD of Anita's..."Purse-onality" and I discovered all her stuff contains wonderful womanly humour! Enjoy the clip!


Evan and Mel said...

I also thought that Micah would out grow her run as well. It keeps getting more pronounced as she grows ( Ha Ha I am laughing at myself because she is still 22 pounds 3 ounces). The Doctor isn't concerned at the moment because it doesn't bother her but it will become a problem in the future. The Doctor also said that she was almost sure that her hip wasn't slipping out of the socket completely but at least partly.
Now we want and see what the x-rays say about it.
I would encourage you to get it checked out even if it isn't anything.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for finding the clip! So funny!