Friday, September 7, 2007

Fabulous Friday

Here is day four's topic in the battle to beat the stay-at-home momdrums. (Click Here for a list of topics). For more information on how you can join the blog battle click here.

Day Five: Fabulous Friday. This is a day for dreaming. Describe the perfect date....but here's the's not with your hubby. Tell me about your perfect play day, your favourite dream for the future, or your most magical moment with your child.

Fabulous Friday
The perfect day would start with sleeping in...each in our own bed. Little Lady would wake up laughing and we would have a cuddle. We would eat breakfast (made for us by someone else) and giggle about things like where are noses are. Someone else would clean up the crumbs. I don't know what order the rest of the day would follow but here are a few things we'd do:
Have a play date with Little Lady's friend Katriel and her mom (one of my best friends) at an indoor ball pit play place (Not a McDonalds or fast food place. An actual indoor play ground). It would have water and sand tables to for splashing and smiles!
Enjoy a coffee at Starbucks while either chatting or reading a good book from Chapters. Little Lady would browse through some board books.
Play in an outdoor playground
Go for a walk (Oh yes, it would be beautifully sunny but not hot or windy)
Eat lunch at a tea house that caters to kids with little tea cups and cute kiddy treats and teas.
Browse some cute kid shops and buy something unique for Little Lady...and maybe a treat for mom too.
Return home for big hugs from my husband
We would have a nice quiet dinner, made and cleaned up by someone else. Afterwards we would play as a family and marvel at all the amazing things Little Lady can do. Like point out eyes, ears, nose, mouth, head.
We would all laugh a lot.
Oh and while I was out gallivanting someone would be cleaning my house so I wouldn't feel guilty just enjoying the day with my girl.
We would have a nice relaxing bed time where I would give Little Lady a long bath and read cute stories and we would snuggle and she would fall asleep easily and look like a little cherub.
Afterwards I would stand there and watch her sleep and she wouldn't wake up.
Prince Charming and I would have a glass of wine and some chocolate and look at her baby album and be in awe of our little angel.

Hm...looking at that it's actually not that far from being a reality...minus the cook and the maid of course. I think this week has accomplished exactly what it was intended to....Life is sweet.

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