Saturday, September 8, 2007

Silly Saturday

Here is day six's topic in the battle to beat the stay-at-home momdrums. (Click Here for a list of topics). For more information on how you can join the blog battle click here.

Day Six: Silly Saturday. We all need a little laughter to lighten us up. Blog about your child's most silly moment...or share a great shot!

Silly Saturday

Little Lady is the QUEEN of making me laugh! She is quite a goof and is always coming up with strange new antics. But I decided to share a shot from this weeks "Beating the Momdrums Monday" activity because it was quite silly and brought out a lot of smiles!

Shoot....can't get it to post. I promise I'll fix my computer problems and post later!

Oh, and because we had SO much fun beating our momdrums I've decided to make "Beating the Momdrums Monday" a regular feature! So next Monday blog about a creative or cool way to beat the momdrums. Share your story of how a very momdrum moment became a memory making day.

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Guinevere Meadow said...

Ooh, what a great idea! Hm. It's Monday. I shall have to think about what to post. (I needed something to write about today anyway. Thanks for the idea!)