Thursday, May 27, 2010


Lancelot is ONE! This picture was taken this morning when he first woke up. For the last few days when you ask him how old he is this is what he does. Then he laughs and claps. :o) So happy to be where we are today rather than where we were a year ago!!! Feeling extremely grateful.

Lancelot had a fabulous day and enjoyed all the ball decorations I have already set up for his party Saturday. Every time somebody walked into the room today he made sure to point them out with an excited "Baw! Baw!" and he could hardly go down for his nap because he was so excited about the "baws". It was the first thing he said when he opened his eyes from his nap, "Baw?" to make sure they were still there.

He also chose today to take his first couple steps!! He only did it once, I think because he wasn't paying attention so he just took off, and then his sister pulled him down. Little Lady was about at the same spot on her first birthday and by the following weekend was walking pretty well so we'll see how he does in the next few days.

We had a great family party with my parents and Lancelot happily destroyed his little cake I made for the occasion (very different from Little Lady who was completely a lady, surprise surprise, and ate her first birthday cake with a fork!). I couldn't believe he even ate cake because I had made his favorite supper of chicken fettuccine alfredo and he had eaten like a horse! Actually he didn't so much eat the cake as lick all the icing and then destroy the cake looking for all the blueberries which he was THRILLED to discover look like "baws!" when mommy doesn't cut them up or mash them!

After cake he was very excited to open his presnts...well Little Lady was very excited to open his presents FOR him and he was very excited to play with them. We finally have some "boy" toys in the house and he was totally enthralled with his tool set and trucks and went right to work "fixing" them. I thought it was pretty cute that just by watching daddy do it a few times on our car he had already picked up that concept! My parents bought him an inflatable bouncy castle with an inflatable ball pit attached and after a few minutes of warming up to it...which probably took longer due to the EXTREMELY excited three year old who couldn't stop bouncing... he was super hyper and throwing himself head first down the slide or doing belly flops into the ball pit! Definitely an entertaining toy and should be a blast for the party Saturday!

Happy Birthday baby boy! I am a very blessed mama to have you in my home and be able to hold you in my arms! I love you so much!


LeRoy said...

I didn't even recognize him. He's so adorable and cannot believe he's one. Happy Birthday little man!! And I think it's definitely a celebration for you as parents how you got through this hard year with his health issues. I pray this next year will be much smoother.

Chelsa said...

what a cutie!!