Friday, June 4, 2010

Lancelot's Ball Themed Birthday Bash

I haven't uploaded photos onto here for awhile so I can't quite remember how to do it properly. So forgive me for these being a little out of order and the captions are strange, etc. Below are some balloons, His birthday hat that had his name and a big polka dotted number one sewed on (it came with a matching T-shirt from Etsy and it was SOOO cute), and the goody bags for the kids who attended. Each kid got a nerf ball!
One of the bouquets of balloons. Each bouquet had a foil balloon in a different color with a bunch of multi-colored 1st birthday balloons. The decorations on the wall were made by Little Lady and I. We cut them out of construction paper.
The main ball cake and Lancelot's personal ball cake. Both were made from a vanilla almond pound cake and were filled with blueberries, whip cream, and vanilla pudding. I dirty iced them with a butter cream icing and then did the rest with marshmallow fondant.The three cakes. The other cake was an extra cake since I didn't think the ball would be enough for all the guests. The extra cake was called Butter Rich Cinnamon Coffee Cake and was iced the same way as the other two.
A shot of the food table. The hanging balls were made by Little Lady and I as well. We took Styrofoam balls and covered them in multi-colored tissue paper then attached ribbon.Here is another shot of the food table. All the food was round or balled. We had balled melons, round crackers, cheese cut in round slices to match the crackers, round chocolate chip cookies, round oreo cookies, round jello jigglers, tostitos rounds, other round chips, cucumber slices, m & m's, blueberries, round burger patties with round burger buns, round tomato slices, round onion slices, round cheese cut outs to match the burgers, round fries, etc. Some more shots of the main ball cake from both sides. I did one side as a little smiling monster!The next picture is Lancelot climbing out of his ball pit into his bouncy castle. The inflatable ball pit/bouncy castle was a gift from my parents for his birthday and has been a HUGE hit around here! Both kids spend at least an hour in it every day and all the kids at the birthday party thought it was amazing! By the way...remember that baby who had everyone freaked out because he wouldn't grow? Well this picture of him on his FIRST birthday...know what size of clothes he's wearing in it? 2T!


Erika said...

Looks like a fun time and it looks like you are a great party planner!

Chelsa said...

you are such a great party planner!! you can come visit indiana in february when it's time to do corbin's party ;)

kelly said...

I know its been a few years but do you know where the bounce house/ ball pit was purchased from ? Thank you :)