Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Momdrum Makeover

I`ve been wanting to give the momdrums a makeover for awhile. The pictures are almost 3 years old and don`t contain Lancelot. Plus I am tired of the dark colours and would like to brighten up this blog a bit. The problem is that I don`t know how to do it and can`t afford to pay anyone to do it. Any volunteers or instructions would be great!


Tara Wiebe said...

I get my blog stuff from here (she went to sbc back when Dallas was there). You can get ones that she's made already and she'll put your pictures in for you for $10. Or what I do is cheat :-) I go to the free ones and download a template I like, but for mine I wanted a different side color so I found a different template I liked with a good side pattern and just changed the html code for the sidebar in the original template. Anyways, you can kind of mix and match some of them if you can figure out what to change in the html. For my header tho I have Dallas' sister-in-law make it for me with photoshop then she emails it to me and I put that header into the template. It's a bit of work. But if you know someone with photoshop they could make you a header. Anyways....long comment!!

Tara Wiebe said...

oh I just read a little more and it's an extra 5 or 10 dollars or something if you want her to put your pictures in for you.