Monday, February 8, 2010

Miss Manners

We are eating dinner at a friends house and Little Lady is valiantly trying to be on her best behavior. It's not easy. It is late and she is overtired, i.e. in an especially destructive and hyper state. As we sit down to dessert we remind her that we don't eat until the hostess eats. Patiently she eyes her cake in expectation. As the hostess begins to take her first bite Little Lady looks at me and asks, "Now mommy?" I tell her she may begin and then turn my attention to adult conversation. After a number of minutes I suddenly notice she seems a little frantic and worried.
"Are you alright?" I ask
"I think I need a little bit of help." She says shyly. "I'm having some trouble eating every time they eat."
She had misunderstood our initial instruction and had been busily trying to take a bite every time our hosts did!

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