Monday, February 8, 2010

Luck be a Lady

Annoying Mom Alert: I know it's annoying to hear another mother brag about her kids but I am bubbling over and have to write. So if you don't want to hate me later please be forewarned and avoid reading ahead.

When I was pregnant with Little Lady I worried about whether we would get along. I worried that if she was a girl we would be opposites and I wouldn't know how to relate. I figured I'd get a really sporty tom boy...that would be just my luck. However, in my journal I often refered to the baby I was bearing as "my little sunbeam". It was a very accurate description of my future daughter. Little Lady is the most delightful ray of girly sunshine you will ever meet. Not only that but luck was on my side and gave me the most amazing Little Lady. She is smart, creative, caring, and the world's best shopper. She LOVES to shop with me. When we arrive home she is just as excited about putting it all away as she was about purchasing it. She'll try on every piece of clothing for an impromptu fashion show. Twirling on her tip-toes she will admire each article, her confidence glowing from her bright green eyes. The crowds and crazy mall atmosphere doesn't phase her a bit and never has. Right from her first shopping experience at 6 days old she has enjoyed the mall. For her even getting to go to the grocery store is an exciting event. Her girlish ways don't end there. Shoes are like candy and she extremely sensitive to the needs of others, always the nurturing mother. Recently we were looking at pictures of the destruction in Haiti and she asked about the kids. After I explained that some children are orphans and don't have families she quickly decided that they should then come live with us. Now she prays daily for "the babies that need us". When other moms tell me how their daughters throw tantrums if they want them to try on new clothes or I see a kid who doesn't care about anything outside their own world I can't help but think of Lorelie Gilmore standing in the doorway of her daughters room saying quietly to herself, "I got the good kid!"

In every way this girl, as much of a handful as she is, is more than I ever dreamed of in a daughter. It feels like my best friend was born 21 years late! I am a very lucky lady.


Dwylla said...

I don't think it's annoying... I think that's the way it should be. Little Lady is lucky to have such a wonderful mom who loves to brag about her daughter :)

Tara Wiebe said...

I was going to say the same thing, it's great that you're proud of her!