Thursday, February 4, 2010

Going To The Chapel

Our Sixth Anniversary is coming up so in honour of that event I'm doing a little momdrum wedding run down.

1. What month & year were you married?February 2004

2. How did he ask you? Most of our significant moments happened in the snow. The first day we "met", the day we told each other we were interested, the day we started dating, our first kiss, etc. When he asked me to marry him it was a warm day in the beginning of July so there was obviously no snow. We were spending the summer apart as we were expecting we would be getting engaged within the next year or so and he wanted to spend one last summer at home which was in another province in order to save money. Every few weeks one of us would fly to visit the other. We had just spent about seven weeks apart when he flew out to visit me for a week. That Wednesday we decided to spend the day in the city. Since he had not been around or spent more than ten minutes alone with my parents (we are fairly traditional so there was no way he was asking me to marry him without my parent permission) I had no suspicions that he was about to ask. To make sure I really wasn't expecting it we visited friends and let me over hear him tell one of them it would be awhile before we got engaged then took me ring shopping (with the ring in his pocket?) At one point we ran into an x of mine and then just to make sure I REALLY wasn't suspecting anything he started asking me all these questions like "Are you sure you're ready to get married?" "What about your x?" Which completely backfired because I began bawling thinking that he really didn't want to marry me and we were totally not communicating, etc. This threw him off so instead of taking me for ice cream at our favorite place where he was going to propose to me out on a bridge at sunset he took me to this private little park I was bawling...I didn't want to be in public and was NOT in the mood for ice cream. We walked to the top of this little hill and the whole park was golden in the sunset and he stood behind me and suddenly said "close your eyes". So I did and when I opened them the air was full of swirling fluffy flakes! He had made it snow with white confetti and as the snow swirled he said a poem he had written for me about why he wanted to marry me. On the last two lines he turned me around to face him and he was on his knee with the ring!

3. Where did you honeymoon? We spent the first 4 nights in honeymoon suites in the city where we got married and then spent a week in the Dominican Republic at Secrets Excellence Punta Cana. It was AMAZING! We were so glad we had a few days just to relax first since I ended up getting sick and we were pretty tired from a big wedding. Since we knew the city well we didn't feel we needed to go out so we just relaxed and then in the Dominican we stayed at a very secluded, all-inclusive, couples only resort so it was the perfect honeymoon location!

4. Can you still fit in your dress? I haven't tried it on but I would say no. :o( After I had my first yes but not yet after Lancelot.

5. What was the worst gift you got? What looked like used tacky glass candy dish type things and a cassette tape of some terrible singer who was the son of the lady who gave it to us. That was actually a shower gift. They were friends of my in-laws so we didn't even know them and they weren't invited to the wedding but my mother-in-law invited them to the shower she threw.

6. What flavor was your wedding cake? We had a giant 5 tier wedding cake and every tier was a different flavour with different flavoured fillings. I don't even remember them all.

7. Were you a bridezilla? Not on the rehearsal or wedding day but in the planning stages yeah I probably was a bit. I know there were a few fights.

8. Whats one thing you would change about your wedding? At the time our wedding was everything I ever dreamed it would be and I had a really magical day. It was perfect for where I was at then. Except for one best friend wasn't there and I really regret that. Otherwise there is things I would change now but mostly they are small things or things that I would change just because times or I have changed. At the time it was perfect.

9. Do you still look at your wedding pics? Fairly often. I have an album out on our coffee table and a big framed picture in our hall. Plus about once a year, usually at our anniversary, we watch our wedding video.

10. What colors did you use? Sort of a light pink colour, white, and sparkly/iridescent gold/silver. We had kind of a winter fairyland theme.

11. Where did you tie the knot? at a big brick church in the city close to where we live with the reception in the ballroom of this huge historic hotel that looks like a castle.

12. Whats one funny thing that happened that day? My brother gave a pretty funny speech. Oh and on the way to the church in the limo I had forgotten to bring my cd of "going to the chapel" which I had wanted to play so we turned on the radio and all we could find was the song "Everybody hurts" and I was so excited and happy I belted that out anyway. To this day "Everybody hurts" still seems like the happiest song to me! It wasn't really a "funny" day though. I mean I smiled so much my cheeks actually ACHED and I remember saying I couldn't even frown if I tried but it wasn't ha ha funny. It was happy and romantic.

13. How many showers did you have? One thrown by my mom, one by my mother-in-law, and a lingerie one thrown by my cousin and college friends.

14. Did you cry?Yes. Just a few happy tears during the vows. And then a little right before the reception. The only low point that day. We got to the ballroom and they had forgot to put chair covers and sashes on the chairs for some stupid reason idea why since this was a high class hotel and they definitely shouldn't have made a mistake like that....and I was hungry and their mistake set us back almost an hour on the reception.

15. Did you give any wedding favors away? Everyone received a glittering white snowflake shaped tea light candle with a signed thank you note.

16. Who caught the flowers and garter? We didn't throw the garter but I did have a special tossing bouquet that was made up to split into five mini bouquets when I tossed it. I don't remember who those five where though.

17. Who was your officiant or minister? My dad. Prince Charming's former youth pastor did the introduction part where my dad walked me in and my dad did the rest.

18. How much was your wedding dress, undergarments and all? Not much compared to many. And it was a lot less than the original dress I almost chose. I think in total it might have been around $1,500?

19. Was there dancing? Yes! We even took classes so we could waltz for our first dance and do some jive and stuff.

20. Where was the reception? See above

21. Would go back and do it over again? In a heartbeat

22. How long did you have to plan your wedding? 7 and a half months

23. What kind of car were you in when you drove away? Well we didn't drive away until a few days later but when we did it was in our 2001 red Grand Am SE.

24. How many in your wedding party? 4 girls, 4 guys, 2 flower girls and 1 ring bearer

25. What type of flowers did you have?Cream coloured roses and cream coloured with a blush of pink ( the first flowers Prince Charming ever gave me), light pink roses, a pretty pink filler flower that's really flow-y...I forget it's name....Mostly lots and lots of roses!

26. Did you do anything different in your wedding or reception? We had foot washing in our ceremony as a symbol of serving each other. We also had communion in our ceremony as a symbol of following Christ together. Our ring bearer carried our rings inside a silver rose instead of on a ring pillow. Both our parents gave a blessing rather than just my dad giving me away. We had a coffee bar at our reception instead of an alcohol bar. My tossing bouquet split into five. Instead of having an open mike or a long program our videographer went around with one of my bridesmaids during the dance and did interviews and taped peoples stories, best wishes, etc. We had a video of each of us growing up set to music and then one of our relationship play during the reception.

27. Did you save the top layer of your cake for your 1 year anniversary?Yes but we never tried it. In fact it sat in our freezer until about a month ago!

28. If so, did you eat it? Was it still good? Nope

29. What was the grand total spent on your wedding? I didn't pay for it so I'm not sure but I think it was around $16,000.

30. Who traveled the farthest to attend your wedding? We had people from the states so they probably traveled the farthest.

31. Do you regret having anyone in your bridal party? Well...yeah I think I would have a pretty different bridal party if I did it again. I definitely regret not having my best friend in my wedding party.

32. If you had a first dance what was it? Moon River

33. What did your wedding cake look like? It was five tiers of white fondant with glittering snowflakes all over it

34. What was your cake topper? A pile of glittering snowflakes

35. What was your favorite moment? There were so many! I think if I had to pick just one it would be the moment we left the ceremony. There was this amazing magical feeling of happiness and this punk version of "fools rush in" playing and Prince Charming picked me up and spun me around and kissed me. Both our photographer and videographer captured it perfectly. In the photo everything around us is a blur and we are crystal clear, mid kiss/mid spin, with my dress perfectly flowing out behind me. In the video the videographer used an effect where we kind of glow. It was very special.

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