Monday, January 25, 2010

Tires and Tea Parties

Today I watched my Little Lady and once again was completely in wonder of her. She is the essence of the multi-faceted modern woman. One moment she was politely pouring tea from a china princess tea pot and laying out a party on a pretty pink cloth, the next she was trying to help her daddy as he tinkered on the car tires. The most amazing aspect of this is that she was in her glory doing both. How can one girl have such varied and in-numerable interests? She loves to paint her nails and play in the sand box. She loves train sets and tiara's. She loves tea parties and fixing tires. Of course she does even the more "masculine" things with a feminine flair. Creating snacks in the sand box, playing house with the trains, making sure everything is clean while daddy fixes the tires. What a gift to be so entertained by such a wide variety of activities though.

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