Wednesday, March 25, 2009

These boots are made for walking...

Once upon a time, not to long ago, a tiny Little Lady discovered the "Love of Boots". Beautiful baby boots, luxurious leather boots, ravishing rubber boots, clunky, chunky, and funky boots. Boots! Whenever her mommy would take her to the mall she would stare in wide eyed wonder at the shoe stores stacked wall to wall with these awe-inspiring inventions. If she should be so lucky as to acquire a new pair of these precious treasures for her tiny toes she would hold onto the box as if it bore her most prized possession.

You see, this Little Lady had a love of all things lady-like. From lace to long dresses, hair clips to heels, her favourite things included anything fancy. But boots...oh boots! Boots were even better because a Little Lady needs no assistance in dawning this particular article of apparel. At any time Little Lady could trade her boots for a better pair without needing patience to wait for a parent. Dressing up is always better when one can design their own look. To a young Lady of two a tea party is twice as nice when she can arrive in a style all her own.

One particular Spring Day Little Lady was preparing to host a spectacular tea for her two favourite teddy's. Her bunny and her favourite baby were already dressed in dazzling designs, the table was set, and the tea was being prepared at the perfect temperature. All that was left was for Little Lady to dawn her own crazy-enough-to-be-brilliant creation and do a quick tidy before tea time. After picking out the precise pink selection she'd had her eye on from her stash of stylish costumes and securing a pair of perfectly pretty wings (because who can go to tea without a touch of fancy fairy dust?) all that was left was to put her feet into a beautiful pair of rubber boots.

However, after five minutes of fussing and fiddling her one foot was still not secured in the brand new boot.

"This boot is driving me TWAZY!" exclaimed the Little Lady.

With a drawn out sigh and a shake of her head she plunged her foot in for a final try. At last the boot fit!

The day was saved! She had just enough time for a final sweep!


Stephanie said...

TWAZY! I love that! I can almost hear her saying that. :)

Our 2-year-old hasn't gotten into dresses and lace and "fancy things" just yet. She much prefers to wear shorts and tees and tennies. She's an athletic, outdoorsy kind of girl. :)

RLE said...

I love your way with words and how an entire story can come from just one picture. Isn't a darling and I love her boots! :)