Monday, April 6, 2009

Pregnancy is no piece of cake...but it's twice the calories :o(

I can't believe the daily growth of this belly. Constant discomfort, ligament pain, and pregnancy insomnia don't make for an extremely exuberant mommy. However, this last week was the closest I have come in quite a long time to re-charging of the baby making battery. Prince Charming was able to take Spring Break from University and we spent the entire week enjoying being back in our home town and experiencing the pampering of grandparents. Little Lady loved having Nanna and Pappa around for a whole week and has had quite a hard time adjusting to being back in a house with only a very slow moving mamma. I was able to re-connect with an old friend from high school as well as start some sewing on a baby blanket, attend a board meeting, and just do some general activities that felt "normal" for once. Having all those extra hands around to entertain Little Lady helped me relax a lot. I am incredibly lucky to have such a loving family. Although returning to the school routine is a bit rough I do feel quite re-charged and thankfully this is shaping up to be an interesting (if not a little busy), bright, sunny and thankfully short week.
On the weekend our family car broke down and we were facing a major repair and another financial setback but thankfully after some calls and quotes we were able to find a dealership that will do it for about half of what we expected. Still a lot considering we don't really have $500 to put into a car that we really don't even want to keep since it will be quite small once we have two. But it's better than we initially anticipated.
Little Lady started swimming lessons today and loved it! She enjoyed the songs, splashing and sliding and can't wait to return next week.
Tomorrow I have another doctors appointment plus we will be trying to perhaps accomplish a few more baby related tasks. Thanks to a gift card from my parents we were able to buy the new crib mattress we needed (Little Lady uses the old one in her toddler bed) and were able to get the crib set up over Spring Break. Just having the room semi-set up has helped me to feel that much less stressed about preparation. Funny how those little things make so much difference.
Thursday night we will already be heading back up to my parents for Easter weekend which will make this a short week and therefore make easing back into this routine a lot easier.
Now if only there was a magic wand I could wave to make life, and this pregnancy, a piece of cake....without the calories.


Stephanie said...

That final trimester is no cakewalk, that's for sure. Hang in there! Before you know it, you'll have a sweet newborn babe in your arms. :)

Anonymous said...

Hearing you talk about going to spend time at your parents house brings back a LOT of memories for me. We didn't live close to either one of our kids grandparents and it was so fun to go 'home' for a bit!! Mary