Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Potty Training Tricks

Does anyone have any terrific little tips or tricks to try when it comes to potty training? We've got the day time pretty down (except for the occasional accident due to random bouts of stubbornness or forgetfulness on Little Lady's part but these are minimal and I think will just take time to work themselves out) but as of last night we are officially pull-up free forever. Last night went well, better than I expected, but I am interested to know if anyone has any ideas that worked especially well when making that transition in their homes? Again I think we made the msitake of waiting just a little too long to try this transition, as she was fully ready quite awhile ago already but I was afraid to try both day and night at once and allowed her to continue the dependence on diapers or pull-ups instead of panties. Hopefully this transition doesn't take as long to re-train as the day time potty training did. Anyway, any advice would be more than welcome! And remember, it needs to be something that will work with a two-and-a-half year old!


LeRoy and Faith said...

I've heard that most kids take quite a while longer to be trained for night. And that it's easiest to just let them make the decision when they can hold it all night long, or wake up to call you for help on the toilet. I can't really help from personal experience, we just all of a sudden realized Brooklyn had been dry for 2 weeks at night so we figured we'd better make the transition. A very scary one for me, I did not want to wake up to a soaking bed, but has only happened a few times. I mean it is bound to happen to have accidents while they're sleeping at this age. Just try and go with it, and no to think about it too much. If that's possible. Hope that can help:)

Kendra said...

We still take Gray to the potty when we go to bed (3 hours after his bedtime). Just a sleeptime pee. Keeps his bed dry.