Monday, January 19, 2009

Buggy Board

We have been looking for a some kind of solution to the "two kids, one stroller" situation and are looking for your opinions. Currently we have a Peg-Perrego Aria stroller which can be used both as a pram or a normal push chair. The infant carrier can also lock into the push chair if you prefer that over using the pram. We loved this stroller when Little Lady was a baby because she much preferred to lie down in the pram so she could lie flat and kick rather than sit in the car seat with a curved spine. I still love this stroller and would be sad to sell it but I do feel we need something that can accommodate both kids. Little Lady is just a little to little to always have to walk whenever we go anywhere. However, I'm not sure a double stroller would be a good deal either. I was wondering if any of you have used this product or one similar. It's called a Buggy Board and apparently attaches onto any stroller as a small stand for the second child. Of course this means your toddler can't sit and really rest in that way, but since Little Lady never sleeps in the stroller anymore and we don't generally use the stroller in incredibly drawn out situations I am wondering whether this would actually be an issue. It would just be nice to have something so that if I am in the mall or going for a walk I don't have to hold onto her with one hand while trying to push a stroller with the other. It's also hard to always try and keep the pace of a toddler and especially when I am in a's nice to have a little more control over her craziness. If something like this Buggy Board would work we could still keep our current stroller and use the pram and everything. Plus it would still be cheaper than buying a second stroller. Any opinions? Has anyone used anything like this before?


LeRoy & Faith said...

There is a stroller out there, I'm not sure what brand or anything, or how it is for the baby in the baby carrier, but great for the toddler. It has a place Alli could sit or stand, facing you. The standing area looks like this Buggy Board, and the seat looks similar too, so it's not a comfy seat like the baby has. I saw one hear the other day for $120. So that's an idea.

icoobaby1 said...

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