Saturday, January 24, 2009

Two Teen

When Little Lady first made her arrival in our world I can't tell you how many moms told me to "Enjoy this time. She'll grow up before you can blink." I remember thinking then that while I was happy to hold my little sweetheart and have her in my life, I really couldn't wait for her to grow up. You see, in my head growing up meant no more being tied to a baby 24/7, no more dirty diapers, and a child intelligent enough to walk and talk and eventually do basic reading, writing and arithmetic leaving me a few moments of sanity a day. I really didn't get what those experienced moms meant. "Growing up" is a very different thing than simply "getting older". And it entails far more than your basic life skills. These extras are the ones that make you sad. When your child accomplishes a life skill you celebrate. "Yes! No more diaper duty!" But when they actually grow up, when they are left feeling far less excited and a lot more emotional.
This week I have been bombarded with my daughters maturity in a myriad of ways. On top of the things she has done or said which left me feeling a little sad and soppy eyed, here are a few of the more humorous ones. Let me just say though, that while these things sound extremely cute coming from the mouth of a two year old....they are also things I didn't expect to hear til a lot closer to her teens. I suddenly have images of a tattooed and pierced teenager in the body of a two year old. Which has made me feel like my baby is definitely growing up before I can blink.
In the past week she has asked when she will be old enough to do the following:
1. Shave her legs. Every night in her bath she asks if I can shave her legs or if not, can she shave mine? She now picks up the shaver, looks at me and says "When I get older?"
2. Wear "real" make-up. Little Lady has always loved make-up and has broken into mine more than once. Although she has her own pretend make-up and a whole selection of lip-glosses she is eagerly awaiting the day she will be allowed to crack open her own "real" make-up kit.
3. Drink Coffee. We have explained that she will likely always be to short. :o)
4. Get piercings. She has asked about ear piercings for quite some time seeing as how I have them and she is obsessed with jewelry of any type. Now her aunty has a piercing in her lip and nose which she calls her "sparkle". This is Little Lady's latest obsession.
5. Dye her hair. Currently her favourite colour is pink. Since she has a doll with hair this colour it seems to her like a good selection.
As much as I adore the freedom I feel with each new stage I am beginning to miss that little baby. I now can remember what those woman told me, look at my Little Lady, and think..."Let's just leave you in pig-tails for a little while longer."

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The Dolskys said...

I miss her, she will be shaving her legs by the next time I see her.