Thursday, June 26, 2008

The cat came back...

Anyone remember this? wasn't "the very next day" but it does seem that the cat could not stay away. Yup, that's right.....the creepy, scary cat that caused me to tell the world my cosmo confession CAME BACK!

Last summer we built a fence in our backyard for the express purpose of keeping cats and other critters out and the kiddo in. Since I have such a fear of flea infested strays and the diseases they carry through their excretion I was terrified at the thought of having my toddler run around in a yard where there was any animals. So far this summer I have felt quite satisfied with the fence and felt it was serving it's purpose quite well. That is until the other day.

It was a quiet evening and I was standing at the kitchen sink scrubbing some supper dishes when I glanced out the window...and had to stifle a scream. There sitting quite smuggly in the middle of my backyard was a cat. It had managed to scale our six foot high fence and somehow felt it could make itself at home on my lawn. And it wasn't just any old cat either. I swear it was the same ugly orange possessed pussy cat that invaded my garage just about a year ago.

My husband eventually chased it out as I muttered threats of murder under my breath. Prince Charming thinks the impostor belongs to the neighbors and therefore it wouldn't be nice to kill the disgusting cat. He warned me to relax before I did something I regret. But I'm still considering buying some cyanide.

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