Tuesday, June 24, 2008

On our way to an MBA

One of the reasons, among many, that I haven't been posting in the recent past is because I have been a bit more of a single parent of late. My husband has been studying to take his GMAT...sort of like the LSAT's for law school or MCAT for med school. This exam determines whether or not he is excepted into the prestigous business schools to get his MBA. Well, I still don't have time for a lot of details, but he sat for the exam today...and did exceptionally well. In fact he ranked in the 78th percentile for people across the world who have taken this test! We should find out in a few months which University he will be attending!


LeRoy & Faith said...

Ernest is going to university? Congrats. That's an exciting adventure. So, do you think it's going to work to see each other before we leave yet? the 2 weeks we're busy with SOLID, but after we may have some time. When are your holidays again?

Steph Doerksen said...

Congrats to Ernest for doing so well!