Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's been a long time...

Here I am. Surprised to see me? No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth. It just seems my life has picked up speed and is plowing full force into the future. It's strange to think that only few weeks ago I was wondering what I would do this Winter! Between sickness, LOADS of laundry, chasing an increasingly mischievous one year old who finds it fun to hide socks in camera bags and misplace many other objects, and an abundance of entertaining I have had simply no time to blog. On top of this I had a birthday last weekend. Another year has come and gone and I must say that this one opened quite well. The actual day was a bit of a downer but the celebrations leading up to it were very special.
Here are a few quick updates just to catch you up on where we are at:
-Little Lady had her first all night sleepover at my parents last weekend while we went away for my birthday. It went very well minus a two hour episode in the night...which was their fault for waking her so I don't feel the least bit sorry!
-My wonderful Prince Charming took me out for an AMAZING birthday dinner at a romantic Italian restaurant and then after a quick change to turn us into country fans....we attended an incredible Brad Paisley concert. Taylor Swift opened and she was wonderful.
-I have now joined the plugged in ranks as my husband bought me the new I-pod Nanno for my birthday. Despite my previous disdain for these devices I have quickly become obsessed.
-Little Lady feels re-decorating my house is the most fun she's had all month...and she does it every minute she's not asleep. I find taco seasoning in her toy box, hair clips in my hamper, and a whole assortment of things strewn around my house. I don't even know why I bother to clean anymore.
-Little Lady can now hum some songs on tune, loves to "lova lova" her dolly, and while incredibly sensitive also has an extreme attitude. The other day she spilled her food on the floor in defiance and when daddy said "That's not funny" She looked him straight in the eye and with a lovely bounce and a shake of her head she said "Ha...Ha...Ha!"
-I finally have polished, pretty hands again (I got gel nails for my birthday) and I can't get over how beautiful....and impractical they are.
-We have not had a single week in about a month where we haven't entertained guests for dinner at least once if not up to three times in one week.
-I have also hosted several showers and other activities during the day
- I am now asking myself when I'll get a day OFF this Winter and when I'll be able to simply spend the day playing and relaxing with my darling daughter. Who by the way is growing up much to fast and is no longer the tiny, smaller than all her peers, baby she once was.

Well that's a quick update on us. I don't know when I'll be able to Blog again because our calendar is continuously full and whenever I get a moment of my own it's usually a quick e-mail check and then off running to the next thing again. But I have not forgotten you...I hope you have not forgotten me!


nutmeg said...

Happy Birthday! Many more!

Stephanie said...

I was wondering where you were...thanks for the update.

Stephanie said...

Oh...and Happy Birthday!

Stephanie said...

You forgot to mention how old you are. ;)

Jodi said...

glad to see you. I've missed your updates! Happy B-day!