Friday, July 13, 2007

Fearless Footsteps

My beautiful baby,
Without fear you are facing your future. I watch in wonder as you learn to walk. Your steps are tentative, but not made in trepedation. You march excitedly into the world regardless of the fact that you repeatedly "fail". Falling is not a frightening set back to you, it is the fastest way to begin to walk. You do not sit and berate yourself for mistakes made in the battle, you do not think less of yourself for losing your balance. Your self esteem does not suffer because you miss stepped. Instead you sit and smile. Satisfaction dances across your face. "I did it!" you seem to say. Simply setting out, standing for two seconds longer, taking that one extra step, is reason enough to proudly proclaim "OOOooo!" (translation: Look at me mommy!) How I wish I could capture that spirit. If we could all walk around proud of our accomplishments for what they are, rather than worry about what they're not. If only our self worth was not wrapped up in the doing of a deed. If we percieved mastery of a problem as more important than perfectionism. Then this world would be a far better place. We would all be better people. I know you will likely lose this confidence, but I hope I can help you keep it as long as possible. Perhaps I could bottle it and bring it out in the future when you faltar and are afraid. Maybe if I could capture the essence of these moments your teen years would be less tumultuous. For now, I watch in rapt attention as you tackle each new area with a sense of accomplishment. Be brave my baby. Be brave my beautiful girl. The world awaits.

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