Friday, June 15, 2007

"Men are so FOCUSED!"

Okay three blogs in one day, I know, a little crazy. It seems though that this day has so many emotions and this is as good a place as any to get them out. Actually that could be a whole 'nother topic...but we won't go there today!

We are leaving for the weekend tomorrow. It's only for two days and one night but we have to be ready to hit the road early and this means MAJOR organization. In the pre-kid days we would simply throw a bunch of stuff in a suitcase and take off. Now however it's like orchestrating a major mountaineering exhibition. Sunscreen? check. Stroller? check. Baby shoes? check. Stress? CHECK!

Somehow I always seem to be the one stuck with this task. My husband (wonderful as he is) just doesn't seem to grasp the need to be organized in order to get somewhere on time. I suppose it's BECAUSE I always do it. He hasn't had the experience of being halfway through a diaper change and realizing he has no wipes. Neither has he ever had to think about what the baby all needs in over to stay somewhere over night. So I guess I can't blame him but man does it get on my nerves.

Sometime ago my husband was looking for something in the fridge. I told him he could find it on the top shelf. He said he didn't see it. I told him I was certain it was there. He starred at the refrigerator for several more minutes, eyes searching the shelf. "Nope. It's not there." Remembering seeing it only hours before I went to the fridge and looked inside. Sure enough...right in front of his face! It was simply slightly behind something and he was so intent on that certain item he didn't see what he was looking for! I gave an exasperated sigh. "Men are so FOCUSED!"

Since then I have noticed this behavior in many men. They become so wrapped up in one thing there's no room for anything else. This is why they forget obvious dates, can't find things in front of their face, and don't see the need for details that are necessary. They are point A to Point B people. While this can actually at times be an incredible trait it can also be incredibly annoying! Sure it means when they want something they go after it full force. It means that when they set their mind to something it can be accomplished quickly and accurately. Being single minded certainly has advantages, especially in the corporate world I think. But in a household it can lead to some serious domestic disputes! For instance, on occasion I have had to remind Prince Charming multiple times about appointments and it still slips his mind. He'll make other plans then tell me he's somewhere. When I remind him he's already got previous plans he's upset because he doesn't remember me reminding him!!! UGH!

This also carries over into travel. He is simply so set on getting there he doesn't realize the effort it takes to actually travel. BUT, as frustrated as I may find myself in these situations there's really nothing we can do. As the old saying goes...Boys will be boys....


nutmeg said...

Tagging means you have to answer the same questions from the meme. Or not! Memes are great on slow brain days but can get old too. If I tag you, no pressure! Just letting you know I'm reading and trying to send others to your blog!

Vicky said...

hey- just wanted to say that I refuse to buy toys brand new for my son! :) I shop at consignment stores and have found a lot of things at garage sales. I take them apart, wash them and clean them and they are good as new. His favourite is a LIttle Tikes piano that I got for .25 cents that I have seen new for over $20! I figure why spend so much money on toys he is only going to use for a few months, and I like a VARIETY of toys- his toy box is overflowing! :) Don't be scared of garage sales!