Monday, June 18, 2007

"And I feel like I'm 12 years old..."

So I feel like I'm in Jr. high and the cool girls just asked me if I knew the band "Crazy Eye" and I'm debating whether I should answer yes (even though I haven't) and hope that this is the new hot band that you-are-so-stupid-if-you-have-not-heard. Of course there is a chance that if I say yes they'll say "Ha. It doesn't even exist!" and then laugh because I was answering just to be cool. Ah, the joys of Jr. High.

Anyway, I am relating that to this because I was just tagged for a meme by Simply Nutmeg and I totally didn't know what it was! There I was wondering if this was something special and if I should show my stupidity by saying I had no idea..or I should just play along and therefore fall on my face that way. :o) Thankfully Simmply Nutmeg cleared it up and it wasn't so scary after all. So here it is:

What were you doing 10 years ago? I actually WAS 12 years old. (And my dog just died and my bike's been stoled and I missed the bus and I dropped my ice cream again! ;o)) Well as I sit here not having had my period for a year and a half (at least there are SOME advantages to being the one who gets pregnant!) it's actually rather ironic that 10 years ago today I was actually getting my first period as well as trying to figure out how to handle that AND my first school dance. Ah...once again...the joys of Jr. High. Wow...a lot sure has happened in 10 years...

What were you doing 1 year ago? Well according to my pregnancy journal I was feeling really weepy and exhausted and waiting for her to come out! I was swimming every day and getting ready to take a trip to Quebec which ended up being incredibly romantic as well as REALLY tiring. Oh, and we felt Little Lady trace our hands through my stomach! The one bonus to being the one with the get to feel the little fetus all the time! Although also this week a year ago Prince Charming got to feel Little Lady actually walk her way across my stomach!

Five snacks you enjoy: Pretty much anything crunchy and salty. Crackers and cheese, regular chips, popcorn, toasted buns with butter, dry noodles

Five songs to which you know all the words: I'm obsessed with music and pretty much have had it playing 24-7 since I was like seven months old. So I know a LOT of songs from start to finish in a lot of different styles. Here's a sampling: You'll never lose my love (lullaby I sing to Little Lady every night), My Jesus I love thee (Hym), Keeper of the Stars (Country), Turn Me On (Norah Jones, sorta jazz/folky), Wonderwall (alternative)

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire: Go on multiple romantic get aways with my husband, Stash away enough to be secure that my daughter (and any sucessive siblings) will be able to attend any university they desire without student loans, Buy a bigger house just outside of town with a large yard and all sorts of secret passages and theme rooms for the kids, Make sure my parents and in-laws will be alright in old age, donate the rest to an orphange.

Five bad habits: Worrying to much, being slightly obsessive compulsive about stuff, interupting people, picking at things, staying up to late

Five things you like doing: Well I'm starting to (slowly...very very slowly) get the hang of this blogging business and I'm loving that. Playing with my daughter, Dancing with my husband, scrapbooking, going to the spa. (There should be a lot more allowed for this one. I also love watching Friends, going for walks, getting away for the weekend, and so much more)

Five things you will never wear again: I'm a big believer in never saying never. Everything I said I'd never do I've done it seems. (Ex. Marrying a mennonite, moving back to my home town). Not that they're all bad in the end, it just always seems to happen. But here are five things I certainly don't plan on wearing again: five inch...or really ANY platforms. Vanilla perfume. Pleather pants. Granny panties. And plastic accessories (i.e. big gaudy fake beads, chunky headbands with platic poker things on the bottom).

Five favorite toys: This is a tough one. I don't really have toys so I'll have to pick Little Lady's. I'm actually obsessed with Toys R Us anyway. Let's see: LeapFrog learning table, laugh N learn play house, Laugh N learn car, Twinkie the glow bug, and I think it's called a Whatzit. It's kept Little Lady entertained many hours.

And finally I tag: This ones also tough since pretty much all my blogging buddies have already been tagged. This is why I always hated duck duck goose. *sigh* I'll tag Innocense and sticky popsicle juice, and yar smokester, because they're my only friends who haven't been tagged yet. And let's see...I suppose Hello Pushkin (because I think her daughter is the same age as mine) and.....The Diary of a reluctant housewife.

And there you have it! Thanks for letting me be one of the cool kids!


Lara said...

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Vicky said...

We have the same bad habits! i'm a self-declared obsessive compulsive worrying interrupter!

Sandy said...

Random blog search....very cute baby! Nice blog!