Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My marathon running man

Inspired. That's what I am. Two years ago my mother ran her first half marathon at age 48. 13 miles for the first time in her life at an age where most woman are resigning themselves to the thought of retirement, relaxing, and unfortunately ageing. Fast forward two years, and not only her, but my handsome husband and fifty year old father ran as well! If I wasn't still making milk for my baby I would have run as well but unfortunately my body just can't keep up with being a milk bar AND a fabulously fit mom. However, I am now inspired to run next year. I don't know how I'll manage to train but come on...I'm fine with my fit husband beating me in the in-shape department but my parents? Now that's a problem.
Here are some pictures and highlights of our wonderful weekend:
This picture is a little hard to see but it's a mommy monkey nursing her baby! Totally made my day!

Sorry for some reason I couldn't figure out how to turn this! It's Little Lady and her daddy on her first day at the zoo!
Out for Father's Day dinner at Pasta La Vista
On the way to cheer on her daddy. Little Lady's first bus ride!

Me and my husband at the finish line! Prince Charming ran 13.3 miles in 1 hour 58 minutes! Making him 1173 out of almost 4 thousand runners!
Our family at the finish line of the Manitoba Marathon!
Father's Day fun after at the hotel
Our family at our Father's day brunch at The Hotel Fort Gary (Also where we had our wedding reception)
For more pictures than I can put on this post (including ones of my parents) click here.
Here are some moments I WISH I could have caught on camera:
1) Saturday night Prince Charming was about to give Little Lady a bath when he took off her diaper and discovered it was REALLY dirty! He was already in the bathroom and the wipes were in the bedroom so he was without them. He had also taken off her diaper while she was standing...and she stepped in it then walked all around the sink before he could stop her! Hilarious!
2) On the bus ride back to the hotel after the marathon Little Lady was absolutely exhausted. Prince Charming was holding her and she snuggled up on his arm and fell asleep. It was super sweet!
3) After supper on Sunday Prince Charming was showing Little Lady how to stick out her tongue by playing peek a boo with his. Everytime he would stick it out she would try and catch it before he sucked it back in. She would giggle like crazy and try grabbing at his lips to get it ou! After awhile she realized her hands were just to slow so she lunged at him with her mouth!
Well that was our weekend! A belated happy Father's day to all the fabulous fathers out there but especially to my husband Ernest! You are my inspiration!

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