Friday, June 15, 2007


Ground breaking news alert! Little Lady slept TWO hours this afternoon! Normally I'm happy if I get fifteen minutes and her regular time is more like five! This was so exciting I just had to share!
Here, however, is the pathetic part. What did I do with those two hours? Did I have a cup of coffee? Did I sit down with a book, have a bite to eat, or read my favourite mommy blogs? Or did I take that nap I so badly need since as of yesterday I now have gaping holes where my wisdom teeth once were? ( Oh in case you are wondering, this is why my blogs are no longer brilliant, wise or witty, I lost my wisdom!! (ok not that they really were these things in the first place!)) The answer is no, no, and definitly NO.
What did I do? I cleaned. I did laundry, I swept my floor, and I spit up blood (from my lack of wisdom teeth. Don't worry, nothing serious). I should have slept I know but I am a neat freak and I have felt my house is being sadly neglected. It's incredible what you can get cleaned when you have two uninterupted hours! Thankfully my daughter has rewarded me with being content to play beside me while I blog and read so I still get a few me moments out of my day today.
Anyway, I just had to celebrate! They should make this a national holiday or something.Now if I could only teach her to change her own diapers....


Lara said...

If only I felt that way, I might have a slightly less scary looking house ;)
Good for you, using a two hour nap to be productive is great.
My husband and baby are out grocery shopping right now. Am I cleaning? Am I cooking? Nope, here I am, catching up on blogs ;)

Vicky said...

I've wasted many naps cleaning and doing laundry, and before you know it they are over! The worst part is the house looks no cleaner than before I started. I resign myself to not cleaning during nap time from now on :)