Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If anyone's still out there...

I have been a terrible blogger. And actually I have a lot to say...I just haven't found the time or words to say it. And truthfully I still don't have them.

But here is two quick thoughts for now and I'll try to post more later.

1. Lancelot is ALMOST walking and he is STRONG! This morning Little Lady was being silly and sitting in the laundry basket. Lancelot crawled over, stood up, then prroceeded to push the laundry basket, with her in it, all over the house. She is almost 4...he is 11 months!!! Then later she was sitting eating a snack at the table and Lancelot comes along and PUSHES THE HEAVY OAK CHAIR and his older sister nonchalantly across the kitchen. While his poor sister screamed "PUT ME BACK!"

2. Lancelot has an ultrasound and a VCUG on June 3rd to determine the cause of his UTI's. We are PRAYING he will only need a circumcision and nothing else. Prayer has saved this little guy several times in his life already. Please pray with us. He will also have surgery in July for ear tubes. I am nervous about another surgery. Please pray. Please pray for HEALTH in our home so that we can catch our breath, and our sleep, and think about other things in life for awhile. Please.


Caroline said...

Hi Guys,

Praying for good health for you all!

Circumcision is not going to help with the UTIs. Foreskin does not cause them to begin with. Unfortunately, many doctors are still advising under the same outdated information.

Here is some helpful stuff about UTIs, which I'm sorry to hear he is going through!

Dr. Dean Edell


(scroll down to "what if my son gets a urinary tract infection?")

I hope this is helpful. Best wishes to you guys.

Adrienne said...

My son, who is now 5, has had persistent fluid in his middle ear after ear infections as well,ever since he was an infant. I am glad we didn't end up going through surgery, even though he was scheduled twice. Ear tubes can sometimes fall out too early, cause scarring of the tympanic membrance and expose the middle ear to even more infections, so antibiotics may be even more important. Of course, the advantage is that the fluid will drain out of his ears quickly, and his hearing will improve. Recently I researched this topic again and found a fairly new alternative to surgery, which you may want to discuss with your son's ENT. Check out www.earpopper.com It was developed by an audiologist, is FDA approved and many insurance co's cover it. You can also monitor the amount of fluid in your son's middle ear with a handy gadget that Dr. Greene also endorses and worked very reliably for me, even though my pediatrician was very skeptical: www.earcheck.com. They say allergies can also contribute to the eustachian tube's inflammation , so be sure that's not the case.

As far as UTIs, if no structural problems are found during his upcoming exam, try eliminating the use of bubble baths or soaps, if you haven't already. I've found this to be the culprit whenever my kids' had genital irriation.

Anonymous said...

UTIs can't be cured or prevented by circumcision. If that were true women could just get circumcised and wouldn't have any more. Women and girls get far more of these because their urethra is short. The micro-organism is generally E. coli which is found in the intestine. Have you tried giving him acidophilius? Harsh soaps and dirty diapers can cause UTIs, but foreskins don't cause it.

Steph said...

Hey Carissa,
I loved the first story of Elijah pushing Ali around, he sounds so big already. It's crazy how time flies.
It'll be fun for you to watch how he'll irritate her in the years to come. I'm guess you'll have some great stories!
As for his health we will continue to pray for him. We will pray for wisdom for your doctors that they will do what's best for your little man.

Tara Wiebe said...

Do you get frustrated with these comments? I sure would! I'm sure they're well meaning but...health issues are stressful enough without everyone trying to tell you what to do when they don't know you (or I assume these people don't know you...)
Keep encouraged!!