Monday, April 19, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things....

This weekend we had yet another trip to emergency and I watched my son get a catheter and blood work. It was miserable...maybe beyond that. However, in the end the problem they thought was potentially very serious ends up being as minor as a probable circumcision. Not fun...but not all that freaky either. Things have been ....frustrating lately...but I have also been reminded recently of a million little wonderful moments and the song by Maria ...."When the dog bites, When the bee stings, When I'm feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel sooooo bad!"

So here are a few of my favorite things:

1. Big wet slobbery kisses from Lancelot
2. Holding Little Lady's light little frame...the way it feels like carrying a bird and the way I feel like her shelter when she slips her arms around me and squeezes. Her hugs remind me of the little girl in "The Santa Claus 3"....they warm me to the core.
3. Lancelot chortle little man laugh over ridiculously random things and Little Lady's girly giggle over things that delight her.
4. The way Little Lady still has a little baby accent on certain words. Like "gayell" for "girl" or "bootyfull" for "beautiful". Or her frequent use of words that are way to big for her like "absolutely", "apparently", and "supposedly". I also love her current favorite word when things are gross or a problem..."Nasty!"
5. Little Lady's daily obsession with obtaining a little sister. She even decided to turn my parents dog into one until she could get her own and insisted my mom buy the male dog a pink leash, collar, and bone.
6. Lancelot's Ray Charles and Hulk impressions. They were both things he did one day to be silly but now when we tell him to do them he does it on command! It's awesome! He scrunches up his nose and eyes and gets a big cheesy smile then shakes his head back and forth and clap for Ray Charles. For the Hulk he clenches his fists, clenches his teeth, and makes his whole body shake!
7. Lancelot waving bye bye enthusiastically whenever he hears the word.
8. The way Lancelot flirts with woman everywhere
9. The way Little Lady loves to shop and when I took her to the lady's room at a restaurant the other day she insisted on checking her hair and make-up and then proceeded to pretend to apply mascara, lipstick and blush and spent a good five minutes "primping".
10. Holding hands with my husband when we drive in the car, listening to music, and chatting.
11. Falling asleep next to my husband
12. Beautiful blue sky as far as the eye can see and warm sun shining down.
13. The way Little Lady mothers her brother, reading him stories, bringing him toys, playing with him, protecting him from things he shouldn't have
14. The way Lancelot loves his big sister and calls "NANA" or "ANNIENANA" (his version of her name) whenever she's not around.
15. The way Lancelot loves balls and uses them like a security blanket instead of a bear or blanket.
16. Snuggling Lancelot while he nurses and naps
17. Watching Little Lady drive her tricycle...repeatedly into the ditch while giggling incessantly.
18. The fact that Lancelot knows the theme song to Gilmore Girls because of my obsessive watching of it while he was in the womb and now will even wake from sleep or stop whatever he is doing if he hears it, grin like mad, and dance. Little Lady was the same with the Friends theme song when she was small. It just proves that kids really do hear things while you're pregnant.
19. The smell of my baby's breath and my husbands skin
20. Being with my kids and my husband and knowing that we might not have it all together...but together we have it all.


Caroline said...

Hey there, Ode to Umbrella Moments,

I feel I ought to tell you, circumcision is not minor, and it it probably avoidable.

Number one, do NOT let them retract it at the hospital. The American Academy of Pediatrics has stated that foreskin of the infant should never be retracted, but many well- meaning nurses (and even some doctors) end up doing so anyway out of ignorance.

Two, I highly recommend this site for questions related to circumcision for medical reasons.

The FAQ section should be particularly helpful. You can also call these guys at their contact info and they will be glad to advise you, free of charge.

Best of luck to you guys. Hospital trips are definitely not fun :(.

Lancelot and Lady's Mom said...

Hi Caroline,
I'm not sure who you are or how you came across my blog but thanks for stopping in. It was nice of you to leave your advice but I would like to know from what authority you give it. From what I can tell from your profile and blog you are only 24, not a doctor or a nurse or even a mother and you are not a male who has experienced it either. You do not know my child or his history or his doctors who have YEARS of experience and knowledge in this area. Perhaps you should think about what basis you have for dispensing advice before you dispense it.

Secondly, I am not an idiot and neither are the people who work in our hospitals. Apparently American hospitals have a higher percentage of ignorance if it is actually common for doctors and nurses to retract foreskin's there. I have not once heard of doctors or nurses doing that in Canada.

Thank you for stopping by though and for the web site, I'm sure it was offered with the best of intentions.

Chelsa said...

poor little guy! hope he is as good as new! i haven't gotten to catch up on others' blogs a lot lately (trying to get in all my cuddle time with mr. c before i have to go back to work in just 2 1/2 weeks) :(

loved your list!