Monday, April 12, 2010

Take that Nicholas Sparks!

Remember that oh-so-romantic scene in A Walk To Remember after Jamie has told Landon about her list of things to do before she dies and he, being this handsome high school boy that is not at all unrealistically chivalrous and sweet, is checking off her list? Remember when they go on that drive at night and he takes her to straddle the state line and therefore "be in two places at once"?

I wanted to BE Jamie Sullivan...well except for the dying part. I sighed and swooned as I watched her be swept off her feet by, in my teenage opinion, the OMG SOOOO sexy Landon. I actually had a lot of similarities to her before the movie so once I saw it I thought...well hey that's me....that could happen to ME! My dad was a pastor, I had a things-to-do-before-I-die list, I loved acting, I loved the stars, I wanted a butterfly tattoo, I had a quote book, etc. So I expected that my boyfriend should likewise sweep me off my feet and turn my whole world into a fairytale. I happened in the movie...that should totally happen in real life.

As it turns out, as much as I wanted to be the romantic, it is hard not to eventually become a realist. High school boys do not, on average, learn to dance, take you to expensive dinners, and find unique and romantic ways to help you achieve all of your life goals.

But it is now, as an adult, that I realize that those goals that seemed so romantic and un-achievable were really silly and small. This struck me last night as I returned from a run and simultaneously unloaded groceries, folded laundry, stretched, ran a kids bath, and cleaned up my living room...all while holding a baby. At the same time my husband was doing dishes, fixing a pre-schooler bed time snack, laying out clothes for the next day, and wiping counters...all the while talking on the phone with a business partner telling them to buy this and sell that and a lot of big business terms I could only explain with the help of a dictionary.

And I thought to myself....Two places at once? Ha. Try ten. Jamie had no idea how juvenile that wish was. I bet most mothers can testify that on average they are in at least 3 places at once. And then I realized may not look like a scene from a sappy romance...but with the help of my husband I am accomplishing my list. The two of us together can be in twenty places at once and our dance might be one of holding hands over the gear shift on the way to the grocery store...but it speaks just as loudly...perhaps even more so...of the love we have then a dance on a balcony at sunset.


The Dolskys said...

Sometimes I worry that when I enter the workforce again I will not be able to keep up with others, however this morning I found myself feeding Zo, taking Micah potty and talking on the phone. I can handle it.

RLE said...

Love that! Describes a mom good, as well as the "dance" we have with our hubby's. Love the drive in the car - best talks there and the holding hands while we go.

Chelsa said...

great post :)