Friday, March 26, 2010

Hello Again World

Today it is a month since I last posted. It's been a LONG month filled with weekly doctors appointments for two sick kids and a sick mommy and a LOT of meltdowns from a teething nine month old and a terrific/terrible three year old who thinks shes a teenager. There have been many moments when I want to pull my hair out, throw my hands up, and walk out ...preferably to the spa. But you know what's struck me? Even in these crappy days when my world feels pretty dismal and I feel pretty stuck as a parent.....I still love these kids to PIECES and I can't get enough of them.
I can't get enough of Lancelot's laugh or Little Lady's incredible imagination. I can't get enough of the hugs and kisses. I can't get enough of their soft, squishy, sweet scented bodies.

And I feel like they're growing up WAY to fast!

Lancelot longer wearing 18-24 month clothes! He started crawling this month and he's into EVERYTHING! It's both exciting and exhausting. He especially loves to crawl to the bathroom, pull himself up on the tub, and play.
He can ALMOST stand on his own and occassionally he thinks he can walk and takes off only to immediately land in a face plant due to lack of balance.
He has decided he DOES NOT like baby food anymore and refuses to eat anything that we are not eating. This makes meal planning pretty interesting at times since I don't want him to have to many spices or sugars yet and since we are keeping him off dairy due to his chronic ear infections.
Little Lady is no longer little anymore either. She has for the first time grown above her age in clothing and is now wearing size 4. She is really into reading lately. She tries to figure out letters and words and spends a lot of her time looking at books. She loves to play outside and do everything by herself...including climbing the ladder on her play structure which totally freaks me out.
The other morning I was nursing Lancelot and she wanted breakfast. I had already poured her cereal but not her milk because I didn't want it getting soggy but since I was in the other room nursing I told her she could eat her cereal dry until I came. Well a moment later I heard the fridge door...."oh man. here comes trouble." I thought. However when I went to check a few minutes later she had nicely poured milk (from our 4 litre jug) into her bowl, eaten all her cereal, then proceeded to pour milk in my cereal bowl and eat all my cereal....all without spilling a drop! Then she had wiped the table after for good measure!
Despite being incredibly mature sometimes she has also been a HUGE handful lately. Her breakdowns make me TERRIFIED of her tean years.

As they grow it makes me sad that these are possibly my last days with "babies". After two extremely difficult pregnancy's and complicated deliveries and then with all the sickness we had to deal with after Lancelot we made the decision not to have any more children biologically. At the same time we are still considering adoption (we were in the process before I surprisingly got pregnant with Little Lady) but we know that getting a "baby" might be difficult. I am excited and nervous about that prospect. Right now I don't know what the future holds for our family but I am enjoying the dream of days ahead.


Tara Wiebe said...

wow that's impressive that she poured the milk!

Chelsa said...

go little lady (on pouring the milk)!

i too, find myself sad thinking these could be my last days with a "baby"... with my high risk pregnancies we have said we're done as well (biologically), but it's tough to say that as a final decision....