Monday, August 10, 2009

High Standards for her Highness

This morning at breakfast my beautiful little girl began asking questions that lead to a conversation about her future beau...and boy was I surprised to hear she has already set standards!

It all started when she saw a picture of some Olympic athletes on her cereal box and asked what they were called. I explained that people who participate in sports are called athletes and then began listing some sports. When I got to hockey she didn't believe me that they were called athletes so I said,

"Yes most people who play hockey are called athletes...but you don't need to marry one."

I added the last part just to be silly since I have an aversion to hockey players.

She immediately responded "But I have to!"

To which her daddy said "If he's in the NHL you can marry him."

And I said, " Don't you want to marry a doctor?"

She laughed "No! I'M going to be a doctor!"

"Oh do you want to marry a business man?"


"a lawyer?"


"A car fixer?"

"NO!" More laughter

"Well who would you like to marry?"

Immediately she points at the Olympic athletes on her cereal box. "I want to marry one of those guys who's getting some exercise!"


LeRoy and Faith said...

Alli you are too funny and too cute. You had LeRoy and I laughing with the things you come up with. Have a great day:)

Chelsa said...

too funny!!

Steph said...

She is too cute! Thanks for the laugh Alli!

Anonymous said...

an aversion to hockey players???
even cousins???