Sunday, June 14, 2009

More Prayers

I am feeling very nervous about this upcoming week and wanted to request your prayers. Elijah has an ENT appointment early tomorrow morning and then a pedeatrician appointment early Tuesday. Appointments are rough on him to begin with because of course they make him cry and of course crying is hard on him and makes him burn a lot of calories because he works so hard to breathe. Right now we really don't want him burning extra calories since we need him to be back at birth weight. ENT will be especially difficult because they will probably do a nose scope which obviously is unpleasant. Please pray that Elijah will handle the appointments will with little or no crying. That he will not burn up to many calories. That he will be back at birth weight or beyond. That his vocal cords will be significantly healed. That we will get good news. I find just going back to the hospital discouraging but I especially find talking to doctors difficult. Pray that these will be positive appointments for once. Thank you for keeping us in mind.