Monday, April 20, 2009

Vocabulary lessons

The other evening Little Lady asked me

"Mommy, would you please get me an orange when I wake up in the morning? Do you think you would be able to do that? Might that be possible?"

I almost burst out laughing. Where does she learn to use these words or to phrase things in such a proper manner?

Another evening Prince Charming was giving her a bath when I heard a gigantic crash from the bathroom. One of her toys, filled with water, and fallen on the floor of the bathroom. A moment later I hear the Little Lady say,

"Apparently there is water ALL....OVER...the floor."

I often hear words like supposedly, apparently, or possibly. Instead of too she'll say "as well" or "also". Sometimes I hear awesome. Usually the words she uses are much bigger than needed. I hear adjectives and nouns and pronouns that sound absolutely hilarious coming from the mouth of a two year old.

Apparently...she listens well!

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Stephanie said...

She sounds like a very intelligent little girl...and a polite one too! :)

Our 2-year-old always surprises us with "BIG words" as well. She uses words like "apparently" and "actually" too. And just last week, she asked me if we could "organize" the books on her bookshelf. Of course, I obliged.