Monday, April 20, 2009

Home Spa

I love that I have a little girl! I don't know where she picks up her ideas but I just got totally pampered. We were playing in her room and she suddenly suggested she give me a massage. She proceeded to spend quite a significant amount of time working on my neck, shoulders, back and arms, complete with a variety of pretend lotions! She alternated between being a masseuse and a "tiro-prator" (chiropractor) at which point she would push on areas or gently move them and then tell me "There. Now that will feel better." After my magnificent massage I also got a manicure which included a hand massage and "oil" being rubbed into each cuticle followed by a little "dryer" being put over each nail to complete it. I don't think she has ever seen a manicure being done before so I don't know where she picked up these pampering tips! Afterwards she gave me a mini-facial which included some kind of special "eye drops". Again, no idea where she came up with that since neither myself or my husband even wear contacts. The only time I can think of that she's ever known of anything being put in eyes was over a year ago when she had an eye infection and had to have drops. Is it possible she still remembers that?

Anyway, it's funny, of course my little fashionista has no idea what she is doing...but it actually feels pretty fabulous when she plays with my hair or pretends we're at the spa. I actually felt extremely refreshed!


Chelsa said...

too cute! i think their little fingers give the best "massages" :)

Stephanie said...

Your 2-year-old needs to come show my 2-year-old how to give massages. That sounds splendid. ;)