Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Christmas is all about...

All is calm. All is quiet. Little Lady is laying on my lap, snuggled in a big soft blanket. I am softly singing, "Away in a manger.."

Stress eases away

"no crib for a bed..."

Little Lady suddenly shouts into the silence "OH!" Her eyes open wide. "He has no crib? He better share my bed. My new brown bed."

"You want to share your bed with baby Jesus?"

"Yeah. And he needs a pillow. A Ladybug pillow and a butterfly pillow. In my brown bed."

"That's very nice of you to share with baby Jesus since he doesn't have a bed."

"And he needs a blanket. He share my pink blanket."

All is quiet again for just a moment.

"Ok you sing Jesus song again but with my brown bed and my pillow and my pink blanket. Not "no crib for a bed""

Trust a little child to put things in perspective.

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The Dolskys said...

She comes up with the cutest things!