Wednesday, July 2, 2008

sanity check from a one year old

Walking down the same grocery aisle for the tenth time in the past ten minutes in search of another important item I forgot on my previous pass through the produce section I am definitely noticing the effects of a rather exhausting week. "Why oh why didn't I write a list?", I think to myself. I didn't write a list because I was only supposed to be purchasing a small amount of items, surely I could remember the few things I didn't yet have for dinner. Apparently not.

"Where is mommy's head today?" I mutter under my breath as I make yet ANOTHER trip down the same aisle I was on just seconds ago.

My daughter, stretching her little arm out from the cart seat, pats my head. Reassuringly and with great gusto she announces, "There you are!"

Ah yes. There I am.

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