Monday, July 7, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Tomorrow morning we leave on our first big trip. Tonight I want to pretend it isn't happening...even as I pack. I have wanted to back out every day for the past month but can't quite make myself do it. Fear is something I have fought my whole life and always am fragile in the face of it. I don't want my anxiety to keep me from living a full life or experiencing amazing adventures but I still find it hard to fight the urge to just hole up in my house....with some armoured windows and a strong security system.

Alannis Morissette's "Ironic" keeps playing on repeat in my head. How reassuring. If you think of it and your a praying person please pray for me and my family in the next two weeks while we are away. Pray for peace, protection, and that we will make good memories and come home refreshed and ready for the busy fall we will likely be facing.

Hopefully we will have a wonderful time...I may even write while we're there. If not, I will write when we return. Provided we return. Please God let us return.

Anyway, Love you all, talk to you in two weeks!


Chelsa said...

Clarissa- it's nice to see you back in blog land :) I'll pray for ya'll's safe return! Have fun!

amy said...

Hey Carissa! I figured you must be out discovering the great world...
I was just thinking about you guys and the crazy long time that it's been since we've chatted and thought I'd just say Hi.
I hope your holiday is going really well, and you are all staying healthy and safe. I'll continue to pray for safety and while your there and on your way home. Looking forward to your return.
God Bless you guys!