Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A toast

Hands that hold tenderness and a tough will. Strong arms that shelter, snuggle, and secure. A warm, firm chest that provides a refuge and holds a heart that beats with bravery and unequaled passions. A heart as pure as gold; full of care, concern, and compassion. From this chest is formed a ringing, joyful laugh. Laughter that brings life and lifts even the most sorrowful spirits. Humour has it's human form. In the face there are strong lines, a jaw that speaks of justice, brows that bare the mark of a man with bold thoughts. To see this face is to feel safe, to be in it's presence is to believe in angels. Beautiful eyes that bare a window into an incredible soul. Eyes that sparkle with mischief, glow with love, and dance with laughter. A mouth that tastes tantalizing and moves with precision. When it speaks you become aware of his wisdom and the amazing wonders of his mind.

Who is this man? Who is he that can make time stand still? Who is he that can be both the famine and the feast? Stubborn and yet soft? Tender and yet tough?

He is my breath, my laugh, my love. He is my life. He awakens my soul, arouses my senses. He is my other half, my Husband.

Happy birthday to the one into who's arms I fall, with whose body I fit, and who's hand I hold.

I love you.

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Marissa said...

Beautiful writing! What a gorgeous tribute to your husband...he should be proud!