Saturday, February 23, 2008


We're back from our wonderful extended anniversary weekend. I wish vacations never ended but sadly they do. It was incredible to get away for our anniversary. No cooking, cleaning, or crazy daily duties. Just room service, incredible restaurants, exciting ski slopes, sweet little shops, and laid back afternoon swims. If only it were possible to retire in your twenties.

Among the several fabulous presents my husband picked out for me for our anniversary, one of them was the movie Serendipity. If you have not watched this movie I whole-heartily recommend it. This movie is in my top three favourite movies of all time. Partially...or perhaps mostly because it has a flavour to it that matches our own romantic meeting. However, this movie was a favourite of mine before my husband and I had even met.

Serendipity is described as "A fortunate accident". We had our serendipitous meeting in the snow (where it happens for the couple in the movie as well) when I had an extra ticket for a football game and randomly called out in the college lounge that anyone was welcome to take it. My Prince Charming that time pretty much a complete stranger to me...jumped at the chance and by the time the game was was I. Later as we walked through a park and across a skating rink (just like in the movie), the snow swirled gently around us as we got to know each other. Calling out questions to each other like "Favourite movie of all time".

I don't exactly believe in fate...but I do believe that at least many things do happen for a specific reason. I believe that sometimes two souls really are right for each other. That sometimes life is a mess and it's miserable...but sometimes we have sweet and inexplicable moments of Serendipity. Perhaps ones that will change our lives forever.

I challenge you to remember these moments with your mate. How did you come together? Was there certain events that perhaps changed the course of your lives and love?


Stephanie said...

What a fun story...I can't believe you were brave enough to just call out the invitation in your college lounge. Good thing a "weirdo" didn't take you up on the offer. Were you secretly hoping that he would be the one to respond or was it complete "chance" that he was the one who did?

Mom of a munchkin said...

We went to a pretty small college so I wasn't too afraid of who might accept. I guess that would have been a possibility but it never really crossed my mind! I actually don't even remember noticing him in the room before he yelled out that he wanted the ticket and I really didn't know him yet so it really was just complete "chance"!

Rayna said...

Sounds very "serendipitous!" What a wonderful story to tell Little Lady and any other kiddos you may have.

Jodi said...

I love that movie.