Thursday, January 31, 2008


"One of the few, yet rarely discovered certainties of life is this: if we are sensitive and open to God's presence we find all of life becoming more sacred. As the days pass, our concept of God grows larger and we begin to recognize the love of Jesus coming to us in the twinkling eyes of a little old lady. The joy of God in a child's face. The agony of Christ in a young mother's tears as she mourns the death of her newborn son. In spite of getting pink fur rubbed from our noses by life, we gradually realize that God has always been in control, always aware, ever present with us, even when we didn't feel Him near. Over time, we see that even when life does not turn out the way we envisioned it would, God never stopped loving us - not even for one moment. The kiss of God's presence is always there. Our part is simply to abide, to stay with, to live in Him. To become more Real."

From the book "The Velveteen Woman" by Brenda Waggoner

I read this paragraph this morning after an extremely encouraging evening of hanging out in the ever humours presence of teenagers. I appreciated the way they were so raw and real. Thank God for putting children and teens around to touch our lives.

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Stephanie said...

Great quote. Looks like an interesting book.