Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Book Of Love

February is the month of love for everyone. A month full of flowers, pink hearts, and whispered promises. But for me, the month of February is far more. It is also our anniversary and every year it is an invitation to fall in love all over again.

This year I feel the pull for the passion of February in a much more forceful way. With the struggles and stress we recently went through, our marriage was one of the many areas which underwent a bit of a blow. In hindsight I suppose it really wasn't anything extremely serious...but I always thought we had a bit of a fairy tale marriage and therefore the fall out seemed as unbearable as unbelievable. Sure we've had our struggles through the years but nothing more than the usual tension that comes from two people trying to live peaceful and passionately together. It rarely lasted more than a few minutes and at most a few horrible hours. This time it took over a week to right the wrongs between us and it felt utterly terrifying. In truth I suppose your average couple goes through twice that tension on a regular basis but up until this point we have had a romance that felt a little like living our lives inside my favourite hollywood chick flick. The conclusion of this was that we have come out a stronger, happier, and more confident couple...but I sure hate going through the hard spots in order to shine. Love however, although often compared to a rose, seems to me to be more like a diamond. A simple stone, unable to sparkle without some serious scrubbing and stress.

Anyway, I have been encouraged this February, as we approach our fourth anniversary, to come up with more ways to fall in love. I'm inviting you to join me on this journey. As often as I can in the following month, I'm going to write a way I've found to fall in love all over again. Please feel free to play along by writing your own post and linking back to this page. Then leave me a comment so I can check out your ideas.

Be real, be open,be romantic! Let's learn what it means to really fall in love!


Rayna said...

Great challenge!
And you are so right, in order to find that diamond you need stress to make it and a little buffing and scrubbing to make it shine!

Stephanie said...

Happy Anniversary! Marriages do tend to undergo added stress when a little one enters the equation. That said, I love your commitment to falling in love with your husband "all over again."And your analogy (comparing love to a diamond) is perfect!