Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Nerve

Some people just don't get it do they? In the last two days I have been reminded again of the insensitivity, naivete, and downright nastiness of some people. I've had a few encounters with these types of characters in the past but for the most part mine have been much milder than some peoples. Not that these last few episodes were more eventful...they simply snuck under my skin more than usual.

Now I realize that I have been insensitive myself many times without meaning too. I was simply stupid or unaware of the realities of a certain situation. So for that reason I do try to cut these people some slack....but still.

The first comment was from a Mennonite woman who told me "You're daughter is eating something that's making her fat." WHHAA??!! First of all...yes she has chubby cheeks but she has always been extremely small for her size until the last month in which she finally hit the 50th percentile. She also still wears clothes a size below her. So clearly she is not fat. Secondly...why do people think it's ok to call pregnant woman and young children fat when it would obviously be un-acceptable for someone to call THEM fat??! Uuggghhh! Thankfully my daughter has no idea what fat means and therefore her self image is still perfectly in tact.

The second was from a career minded woman who does not yet have children. Her question?
"So what do you DO all day? Do you just sit around with her?"
This is the kind of question that makes me stutter...and also kind of want to spit on the person asking and tell them to try my life for even a few minutes. I didn't have an answer at the time but yesterday I wrote out a "Did today" list...not that I'll show it to her...but here's what I COULD have answered:

- Worked on Potty training Little Lady which means sitting in the bathroom forever while she takes her time
- Showered and got ready for the day to teach my daughter hygiene, and to take care of herself
- Cleaned up bedroom to be an example to my daughter of how to take care of our stuff
- Cleaned up bathroom to promote cleanliness
- Made breakfast to provide for nutritional needs of my daughter
- Helped Little Lady eat breakfast
- Cleaned up from breakfast to be an example of how to take care of stuff
- Swept floor so as not to spread crumbs all over house
- Worked on Potty training (see above)
- Sang songs with Little Lady to encourage her love of music
- Put Little Lady down for a nap
- -Put her down for nap again since she woke up the second I put her down
- Hold her so she sleeps for at least a few seconds
- Potty training (see above)
- Sing songs (see above)
- Clean Little Lady's room to teach her how to take care of her toys
- Hang Laundry so we have clean unwrinkled clothes to wear
- Dust Little Lady's room to avoid allergens
- Potty Train (see above)
- Read some stories to teach Little Lady about words and instill a love of learning and reading.
- Make lunch (see above)
- Clean up lunch (see above)
- Sweep Floor (see Above)
- Potty train (See above)
- Blog to have some connection with the adult world
- Clean up office from mess Little Lady makes while I blog
- Dust living room (see above)
- Clean up living room from mess Little Lady makes while dusting living room
- Dust bedroom (see above)
- Potty train (see above)
- -go for walk with Little Lady to show her the world, get her fresh air, teach her about exercise
- Buy groceries to make supper and bake for husbands staff as well as a family who just had babies
- Put Little Lady down for nap
- Clean up groceries
-Bake 3 dozen cupcakes (see above)
-feed Little Lady a snack before supper meeting
-Help Little Lady help me bake to teach her to help
-Clean up Little Lady from mess she makes while helping
-Clean up kitchen from mess she makes while helping
-Potty Train (see above)
-Clean up both of us for supper
-Go for supper meeting
-Clean us up again
-Potty train(see above)
-Got to bridal shower to show support for young bride in community
-Bedtime ritual to put Little Lady down for night

This is a very average day. Many days involve much more. I challenge her to come up with a list HALF as long. Anyway...that could have been my comeback. But instead I just said "Um....lots of stuff."


Damselfly said...

What a busy day! I think people who don't stay home with small children just don't realize what goes into nurturing them. They may not be trying to be offensive, just curious, is what I figure.

How do you know when your child is ready to start potty training? I'm asking because Little Lady is just about Fly's age.

Blogversary said...

Sounds pretty much like my day. Only I get one nap because my daughter is older.

Stephanie said...

Before I had kids, I probably was equally oblivious. Then, my little beauty made her grand entrance into our world and beautifully disrupted everything.

And then I realized that staying at home is much more demanding, exhausting, overwhelming, and important than any office job.

It's hard to explain to a pre-baby person, really. Because having a baby turns your world upside down.