Monday, September 17, 2007

Beating the Momdrums Monday - Shake Shake What your mamma gave ya!

I've been feeling "crafty" lately. A sure sign that winter is approaching and the days of strolling in the sunshine are fading away. Actually I love the fall, it's one of my favourite times of year. I love the first frost, the smell or pumpkins and cinnamon, the bright array of colours, the nip of crisp cold. However, fall also means I need to get especially creative with inside ideas for Little Lady and I.

Another reason I love crafts is because if they are can complete them. And they STAY completed. So little in my life does. I sweep the floor only to step on crumbs two seconds later. I do the laundry only to have the hamper full in half an hour because someone spilled something. I wipe down the mirror only to see smudges from someone kissing their reflection right after I do it. Crafts stay complete. I can look at it and say...I accomplished something today.

Little Lady loves music and anything that makes it so today's Momdrum beater is a music making craft.

You'll need: plastic water bottle with cap, odds and ends in bright colours and various shapes, glue gun or super glue.

Ways kids can help: Add things to bottle, colour objects.

1. Find a plastic water bottle. Wash it out.
2. Collect macaroni, glitter, rice, bits of bright paper, basically just odds and ends
3. Colour some of them if you want
4. Place odds and ends in bottle
5. Glue lid on bottle with glue gun or super glue so it won't come off if baby gums it.
6. Let your toddler shake, rock, and roll!

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LeRoy, Faith, and Brooklyn said...

Carissa, I love reading your blog. You come up with such good ideas to do with kids. I think I'm may just have to try that bottle thing with Brooklyn. I just can't think of creative things to do, and I know she's getting bored just playing with her toys. Thanks for the idea.

Amanda said...

I'll have to try this, thanks so much!

Diane said...

I did this with my girl a while ago except I filled the water bottle with cheerios so if she got the lid off there wasn't a choking hazard (other than the lid I guess).