Sunday, August 19, 2007

Inspirational Sunday

Isn't it interesting how God can sew everything together so perfectly when we pray?

Last night when I was putting Little Lady to sleep I prayed that God would prepare our hearts for church this morning. It's been somewhat of a struggle lately and I was really hoping that for once we would be spiritually renewed. After lying Little Lady down Prince Charming and I watched the movie "Pride". What an incredible movie with an inspirational message. We had a great discussion on it afterwards and what do you know? This morning we heard a sermon on the same thing! There were so many good points and it really spoke to me. After the sermon the worship team sang "the Servant Song" and I found it to be really profound...especially this line "Pray that I might have the let you be my servant, too." This followed the theme of the discussion we had last night. In the movie they make it clear that as black people, when they think they are owed something because they are black, they are no better than the whites who discriminate against them. In the sermon today the pastor pointed out "Often our humility isn't humility at's pride. We only want to serve those who are less than us and we talk less of ourselves to appear humble because that makes us appear to be good people." (He worded it better). Anyway, this Sunday has spoke to me in many ways so I just thought I'd share.

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