Thursday, August 9, 2007

Best for your breasts

This morning I woke up with my right breast feeling strange. I thought it was odd but didn't dwell on it. I chalked it up to the weaning war and went on with my day. Then I read this while checking out my friend nutmeg's blog. After seeing her article I will definetly be getting checked if this goes on. Please take a time out to read this post and pass it on.


nutmeg said...

Get checked! I've had mastitis twice and both times I was diognosed and treated over the phone. That sort of freaks me out now - I was lucky. Thanks for helping to spread the word.

Whymommy said...

Please call your OB on Monday -- mastitis is easily treated and it will help you feel so much better to be on the antibiotics.

And just in case it is something else -- the sooner it's detected, the better. Really.

Hugs to you.