Friday, August 10, 2007

Cater to me!

I used to think those in the minorities who pushed their rights were stupid and selfish. I used to think they were crazy to think the world should cater to them. Then I became a mother. A nursing mother who brings her baby everywhere and has also become part of a minority. I still think some groups are stupid for grumbling (i.e. gay rights) to get their way...but I understand better why they do.

Last night we took Little Lady with us out for dinner and then to her first musical (The Sound Of Music) at an amphitheater in a park. Neither venue we visited had a change table in the bathroom. And I was outraged. Ok, granted, the restaurant wasn't exactly the kind of place that caters to kids....but it's not like it was a super high class place where kids aren't allowed either. The amphitheater annoyed me even more as there were quite a few young kids there and I know they've even performed plays like Peter Pan in the past, which would obviously draw a larger diapered crowd. Another faux paus that that had me freaking out was the parking. At places they parked us in five deep! What if there hadbeen a fire? What if I needed to leave a little early for an emergency? What if I'd been pregnant and gone into labour?

This got me thinking of all the places that discriminate against kids. Places without change tables (all Subways), nursing rooms, or parking spots reserved for those who are pregnant or carting small kids. If we change our laws so lesbians can get married why can't we change our laws to make life with kids more manageable? There's a lot more moms with babies than any other minority anyway. Here are a few points I'd push if I were a political activist:

-As many (or more) parking places near the door for pregnant woman and moms with small children. (This should be enforced just like handicapped pretend pregnant men allowed (I've seen this!))
-A nursing moms room in every mall. It should also include a sink and a microwave for warming bottles and baby food.
-Every restaurant, theater, and public place should come equipped with a change table and if at all possible, a sink somewhere within reach of it.
-All aisles would be wide enough for strollers and stairs in public places should always have an elevator as well.

How about you? Have you ever felt discriminated against because you have a kid? What would you change? Where are some of the places you will or won't go because of their attitude and accessibility for mom's?

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Stephanie said...

Hear! Hear! Lead the charge and I'll follow! :)

More companies and public places should offer baby-friendly amenities.

Here's my review of one website that helps parents find places that do: