Friday, July 27, 2007

Oh Where, Oh Where has my mind gone?....

.....Oh where, Oh where can it be?

I walk out of the doctors office loaded down with diaper bag, lunch kit, and Little Lady. "Why did I think I could take this trip alone? Five hours of driving, two appointments, and shopping at 3 stores alone with a tenth month old? I must have lost my mind!" I fish for my keys, frantic to escape the heat into an air conditioned car. In order to find the keys I must first find a way to balance baby and bags in order to get a few free fingers. I unlock the car door and stick a sweaty, now screaming, little sweetheart into her seat. Finally I have us packed up and ready to pull out. As I wait at the exit to the lot, looking for an opportunity to pull unto the packed street, I see people are slowing down and looking at me. This guy stops his car and makes strange gestures in my direction. "did I leave my door open, my trunk up? What?" I look around and see nothing out of the ordinary, just the usual car packed with kids stuff. I shrug. He drives off, tired of blocking traffic trying to comunicate with an obvious idiot. Then another woman stops, she rolls down her window, I roll down mine. "You have stuff on your roof." ...... Oh.

My wallet and Little Lady's sippy cup are soaking up the sun. I grab the offending items and stuff them inside with as little show as possible, not an easy task as half the highway is watching.

Later that same day....

I am almost done this whirlwind day and I feel fairly proud. "Only one store left on the list and besides the sippy cup/wallet sun bathing incident I've handled things quite well if I do say so myself. (Note to self: pride comes before the fall) Just load up this sugarplum and it's off to Superstore." Little Lady is more than a tiny bit tired of being tugged in and out of her car seat ten times today, but I pop her in without too much protest. After the last bag is loaded I proudly pat myself on the back for a fairly successful shopping trip and head off to tackle my final test before home. The car is parked in a perfect spot, little Lady smiles sweetly at passersby, the sun is shining. "Now if I can just find a loonie for the cart. Where did I put my wallet?" There is a frantic search, a heart stopping shudder of fear.....I must have left it at the last store. But where? Will it (and the cash inside) have walked away? I load a loudly protesting little lady BACK in the car, and SPEED back to the last store. There sitting smugly in the cart, basking in the warm sun, is my run away wallet. Again. At least my wallet knew not to let a good day go to waste. Perhaps the universe was sending me a message... "YOU ARE LOSING YOUR MIND. IT'S SUMMER! SIT BACK AND SUN TAN."

So I am.

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Stephanie said...

Sounds familiar. Going anywhere with a ten-month-old can prove to be a humorous and humbling task.

I can't imagine what it will be like when we have TWO little "munchkins" to pack up and drive around with...can you?